Benefits of System Health Checks

Benefits of System Health Checks

When was the last time your systems had a comprehensive review?  Are you aware of your resource utilization?  Or do you know if upgrades and their respective hardware requirements have outstripped your infrastructure environment? Weat ChoiceTel, recommend our customers have regular health checks on their systems.  Health checks can discover unknown issues such as 1) overutilized resources, 2) outofspec hardware, 3) compliance issues, and 4) security holes in system access.  Just like your health, the health of your systems needs to be monitored.  And, just like your health, system responses can sometimes be negatively impacted when resources are over-utilized. Having properly allocated resources and system management will produce positive results within the application experience, and it will help manage risk for the overall environment in the long term. 

Many aspects of business infrastructure and business operation tools have migrated to the cloud – and for those, infrastructure changes by the cloud provider should still be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure congruity with your interconnections, management, and risk profiling for your applications and tools.  To some degree, cloud providers own this conversation – but understanding how they control change management and how it may impact you as a customer is still important. 

For those systems that are not in the cloud and in a world of growing cyber security threats, maintaining patches and updates has never been more important.  In an organization of any size, proper change management and regular system reviews should be a regular occurrence in order to protect your organization from cyber threats or to plan for upgrades and/or migrations before systems become end of life’d or have severe security threats.  We recommend a systematized approach that is tailored to your business environment – some aspects may best be done by a 3rd party security company or by a subject matter expert in the system, but a lot of it can be done internally within your company if the resources are available.  To ensure congruity, a process workflow should be created along with checks and balances to ensure that, even if a key stakeholder leaves, the process can be picked up by someone else in the organization.   

Contact us today to learn how to plan for operational and cyber security success in your environment – while documenting the workflow along the way.  Call us at 800-815-3320 or email [email protected].


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