Bridging the Gaps in Communication – Internally and externally

Bridging the Gaps in Communication - Internally and Externally

At ChoiceTel, one of the situations we run into all the time, especially in some of our larger clients, is inter-department and intra-department silos when it comes to decision making, overall strategy, business alignment, and process operation requirements.  Organizations of all sizes struggle with communicating the needs between procurement, legal, IT, and business operations.  Often, departments have a pre-determined strategy around how they are going to approach their IT infrastructure – whether it be how they go to market with their customers or how the infrastructure is architected behind the scenes

Aligning these different departments, both operationally and strategically, can be a challenge for many organizations.  ChoiceTel helps to bridge the gap by looping in all these departments and silos, creating a unified move forward strategy for the organization and translating business and operational requirements to the IT department and vice-a-versa.   

IT often struggles with showing value and aligning with the business needs – sometimes, due to limitations of technology.  This could be due to security issues, technology sprawl, or not having the bandwidth to juggle day to day operations with the business units.   

Organizations of all sizes struggle with communicating the needs between procurement, legal, IT, and business operations.

At ChoiceTel, we not only help with the lifecycle of the technology itself, but with integration management and communication flow throughout all the stake holders in the various departments and silos.   This helps to ensure effective collaboration between IT, finance, legal, and operational departments, bringing unity and clarity to the big picture.  This allows for improvements in efficiency, communications, and overall experience – for end users, customers, and stakeholders. Ultimately, this approach creates a more cohesive and satisfying customer experience, which is what we are all after! 

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