Changing the Way We Fax in a Pre/Post COVID World

Changing the Way We Fax in a Pre/Post COVID World

As we continue to try and wrap our business and technology processes around the new world we live in, we should continue to be mindful of areas that we can both improve and use to help facilitate an office space with less shared equipment or space. In a world where remote working may be the new normal, how do you set-up your organization for success?

One of the areas we have seen companies start to make some changes have been in the world of E-fax. Part of this is being driven by the need to remove shared devices (like the fax machine, scanners, or other Multi-function devices). Yet, the idea to upgrade such a long-standing piece of technology is rarely considered to be a prime candidate. There are still many businesses that rely on fax for communication, orders, or legal necessities.

But it may not be as simple as moving everyone to an e-fax standalone service, for your organization it may be more important to tie the functionality into a phone system, minimizing vendor spread, management, and interoperability. Your organization may even have more specific use of faxes (broadcast faxing, the need to integrate it into an ERP system). In that way, not all providers are equal.

There are many caveats in the E-fax space, and only a few providers who can truly provide a solution that may fit your specific needs in a secure fashion.

    A couple of things to consider when looking at E-fax providers:

  1. Who owns the numbers you bring onto the E-fax provider? What about numbers you acquire afterwards?
    if you need a new fax number or open a new location?
  2. What kind of security protocols do they have in place and how does their underlying infrastructure support the solution?
  3. What is are your future plans for your organization? Can the E-fax provider grow past just faxing?
  4. How are your users going to consume the service? Simple email? Print Drivers? MFD? Or some sort of combination?

There are many more considerations to keep top of mind when looking at any E-fax provider. Contact us today at [email protected] or (248) 605-4112 to learn more.


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