Consumer Video CX vs Business Video CX: What are the CX Impacts to Business Video Equivalents?

Consumer Video CX vs Business Video CX: What are the CX impacts to Business Video Equivalents?

At the core, we are all both consumer and worker.  When we talk about technology, like video, many of us are already familiar with it from using it on platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even just home videos of family gatherings.

The utilization of communication in the workplace has grown exponentially with COVID, as we all would have expected with the increase in remote work.  We still need/want to connect with others face to face (or at least virtually face to face), but as many of us started utilizing video for work, we were disappointed.

The robust features and simple functionality of video that we have grown accustomed to in our personal life seem to be missing on the business applications we use in our work life. With recent changes to some of the leading video platforms for business consumption, we starting to see a shift towards consumer-oriented features – such as the ability to adjust to low light as well as adjusting the focus of the camera. Being on camera can be intimidating for many people; the ability to modify your physical appearance may improve user adoption.

For business application of video, there are important security measures and key components that must be adhered to, versus the consumer application of video. Therefore, the business application of video includes more complexity in delivering a secure and reliable platform to it’s user base. One important example to consider is the recording feature; there are many conversations in the business world that have legal ramifications and recording a video session may or may not be allowed. Video sessions that include proprietary and confidential corporate details, and other sensitive information should be kept as such, and should not be made readily or easily accessible. Understanding and ensuring that proper policies are in place in your corporate environment before allowing mass adoption of video is crucial to protecting your business.

Platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft are clearly leading the way in terms of creating business applications that consumers and businesses will be drawn to and are working hard to create a better overall user experience. The video platforms that architect business grade applications to look and function more like the consumer video applications and also include important security components to protect the businesses utilizing these tools, will have a competitive advantage in user adoption.

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