Cyber Security Priorities in Times of Pandemic

Cyber Security Priorities in Times of Pandemic

The new remote workforce opens your attack surface. Here's what to do.

This global event has left no place on earth untouched. IT departments have been asked to pull a rabbit out of a hat that they’ve never even practiced with. The pressure to perform quickly leaves all of us with a sense of vulnerability. That being said, we need to start somewhere. Focusing on cyber security must remain a top priority. So, where do we start? Where are the newest attacks coming from and what are our top priorities?

We still have many of the same threat vectors to consider along with some of the same tactics, such as phishing emails, malicious applications, unsecure endpoints, bad domains and fake websites, along with ransomware. Many attackers are running covid19 specific campaigns targeting vulnerable end users, including Trickbot and the new “EMOTET” variant. The typical unsophisticated employee who is now working from home has unknowingly created a wider threat landscape. By using home computers that have “free” antivirus running, and God only knows what other malware may already be existent on those machines which is now connecting to your business network. So whata are your priorities?

Here are five (5) top priorities you can consider:

1) Culture and awareness

2) Network Security

3) Endpoint security

4) vulnerability management

5) Security incident management.

More than ever, the myriad of factors to consider, plus competing (often proprietary) technologies underpinning SD-WAN options create an environment in which in-depth, structured comparison is required.  Having a vendor-agnostic partner with proven multi-vendor experience who will look out for your priorities throughout your evaluation can streamline the process.  Reach out to your ChoiceTel team today for help with your initial requirements assessment.  We will strive for synergy with your team to reduce and simplify your vision, bringing the identified goals within focus and within reach!

For two(2) complimentary security checklists (IT Cybersecurity Priorities Checklist and IT Checklist for Securing Remote Workers)please contact us at [email protected] 


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