Cyber Security in a COVID-19 World – Where to Start?

Cyber Security in a COVID-19 World – Where to Start?

As this unprecedented time of COVID has barged into all of our lives this year, we have all expeditiously worked to enable and adapt our organizations infrastructure and software components. Many of us have struggled to ensure that our Security Processes and Operations are likewise addressed during this time. As a result, we have new and different challenges to securing the organization and its data during this pandemic. Our trusted research partner, InfoTech has a few good thoughts on this category. Our joint advice and insight is noted below. By no means is this an all-inclusive list – contact us for a deeper discussion of your environment.

Your Challenge

  • The Novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has thrown organizations around the globe into chaos, as they attempt to continue operations while keeping employees safe.
  • Many have built a hybrid approach to on site and remote work. Which work method truly services the organization and its most valuable asset – the people?
  • IT needs to support business continuity – juggling available capacity and ensuring that services are available to end users – without clarity of duration, amid conditions that change daily, on a scale never seen before.
  • Security has never been more important than now. But…where to start? What are the top priorities? How do we support remote work while remaining secure?

Our Advice

Critical Insight

There is intense pressure to enable employees to work remotely, as soon as possible. IT is scrambling to enable access, source equipment to stage, and deploy products to employees, many of whom are unfamiliar with working from home.
  • There is either too much security to allow people to be productive or too little security to ensure that the organization remains protected and secure.
  • As physical offices start to come back on line – is it really efficient to have everyone back on the office if the steps to protect one another are counterproductive to efficiently working?
  • These events are unprecedented, and no plan currently exists to sufficiently maintain a viable security posture during this interim new normal.
Impact and Result
  • Don’t start from scratch. Leverage your current security framework, processes, and mechanisms but tailor them to accommodate the new way of remote working.
  • Address priority security items related to remote work capability and its implications in a logical sequence. Some security components may not be as time sensitive as others.
  • Remain consistent and thoughtful – keeping in mind productivity trade-off’s versus tighter security rules.
  • Remain diligent! Circumstances may have changed, but the importance of security has not. In fact, IT security is likely more important now than ever before.

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