Diane Smith of ChoiceTel speaks on SDWAN Panel at Global Conference

Diane (CEO) Speaks on SDWAN Panel at Global Conference

SDWAN Panel at Society of Communications Technology Consultant's Conference

Diane Smith, CEO of ChoiceTel, recently participated on an SDWAN panel at the Society of Communications Technologoy Consultant’s global, annual conference in Seattle earlier this month.

“There’s a lot to consider with the current SDWAN market, there are new companies showing up constantly. It’s still relatively early in the life cycle of the technology, and a true leader has not really been identified. Even though most large carriers have made their platform selection, it doesn’t necessarily mean success will follow suit. We should be very thoughtful in our decision-making process, because some providers may not make it. Best practices are far from being completely decided, and every customers environment is unique. Deployment should be carefully planned to avoid unnecessary disruption in your company’s environment”. Diane says, “There are many components that corporations should consider when evaluating SDWAN as an option – it’s not always as easy as ‘they’ say.”

ChoiceTel has experience with managing the migration from traditional WAN technologies to SDWAN. “The number of factors you have to consider, the applicatinos, the business impact – should all be well thought out and managed as you create a 21st century WAN environment.”

“Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever – especially in traditional telephony areas that have seen little change away from traditional technologies over the past 10 years or so,” Diane goes on to say.

If you’d like to learn more about SDWAN, come join ChoiceTel at their inaugural Conference in a Box at Little Ceasars Arena on October 26th.

Diane will be co-leading an engaging SDWAN panel – getting down to the brass bolts and the different aspects to consider when evaluating SDWAN offers.


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