IT Cost Optimization Strategy Series – Optimize Your Telecom, Communications, and Network Workforce

IT Cost Optimization Strategy for Covid-19 Series – Part 1 (Cont.): Workforce Optimization - Telecom, Communications, and Network

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Published August 5, 2020

This week we are continuing with our IT Cost Optimization Series. Today we will be closing out the Workforce Optimization category by discussing the optimizing of your Telecom, Communications, and Network workforce.

For most businesses today, telecom, communications and networks are essential to doing business. Whether connecting with customers or employees, the thought leadership and procurement of the deployment and ongoing support of the correct technology will drive the success of businesses tomorrow. The ability to move nimbly in the aftermath of the pandemic has highlighted the prior efforts and the ability to move swiftly more than ever before. Many companies are finding themselves in a pinch regarding workforce management. The demands of today’s environment have increased and have over-leveraged most company’s resources causing employee burnout, resulting in a lack of efficient use of its assets.

Due to the requirements to move quickly, companies must look for alternative ways to respond to their business’s needs in order to maintain a thorough and agile approach to this changing environment.

Primary Drivers causing the need for additional resources include:

    1. Fast-pace and volume in which activities need to occur
      Closing or opening locations
      – Remote Work
      – Security
      – Documentation (Processes & Architecture)
    2. Complexity
      – Networking
      – Devices/Endpoints
      – Constantly evolving Standards
      – Industry Volatility
    3. Workforce Availability
      – Emerging skillsets difficult to find
      – Project-based work requirements vs long-term employment

What to consider when choosing a partner to assist in meeting your organizations deadlines and goals:

    1.  Are your requirements long-term or short-term?
      If long-term, consider a full-time employment position.
      – If short-term, do the cost analysis to determine the true costs of out-sourcing vs an FTE.
    2. Redeploying IT staff to fulfill changing needs
    3. Consider moving to a Managed Data Center and Managed Network Services
      – Areas for Managed or Co-Managed Services
           * Telecom Management
           * Telecom & Network Communications Cost Analysis Services
           * Expense Management Services
           * Infrastructure Management Services
           * Mobile Device Management
           * Managed IT Services such as DaaS or Other IT related services
           * XaaS areas such as:
               – E-faxing
               – UCaaS
               – CCaaS
               – Network-as-a-Service
               – Backup-as-a-Service
               – DRaaS – Physical and Virtual
               – and others.

The effort it takes to analyze your current landscape for efficiencies and cost savings far outweighs the time it takes to perform this review. We’ve seen organizations cut costs as much as 50% and as little as 20%. The largest time investment is in the analysis of setting the right priorities – which areas should you address first and, what is the level of effort for each of these? The business users experience the most noticeable improvements when you focus on the most visible pain points. However, that doesn’t always equate to the highest financial savings for your business. In addition, sometimes the highest amount of cost savings may be hidden in areas that seem to be functioning at the highest levels of performance. Carefully analyzing the value of optimizing these areas, should be balanced with the required level of performance that your business is used to achieving. Ensuring you have the highest level of SLAs from any of these organizations should be near the top of your list.

Consider the assistance of an external partner to help you navigate the areas that will drive the largest amount of impact for your organization. Outside parties can give you valuable insight into top performing vendors, which will save you a tremendous amount of time, effort, and aggravation in choosing the best fit for your organization.

ChoiceTel can help you leverage these options and create an effective IT Cost Optimization Strategy customized to your environment. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 800-815-3320 for a consultation.



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