IT Cost Optimization Strategy – Optimize Your Security Workforce

Developing your Security Workforce Optimization Strategies

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Published July 21, 2020

Last week we introduced a four(4) part series titled “IT Cost Optimization Strategy, starting with Workforce Optimization”. Let’s dive deeper into strategies for optimizing IT costs in your security workforce.

Optimizing Your Security Workforce

Today’s cyber environment presents several difficult challenges for CISOs when working to secure organizations 24/7/365 from the myriad and preponderance of threats. At the same time, the security workforce has unique challenges since it requires a highly skilled labor force which is facing a shortage of qualified professionals. According to InfoTech Research Group, 59% of organizations plant to increase their IT security outsourcing. Many organizations are calculating the future financial obligations of their security staff and examining which security responsibilities are best served by external resources. Bringing in MSSPs can offer several advantages including:

 a) Potential Cost Savings

b) More efficient allocation of current resources and expertise

c) Increased monitoring/alerting to 24/7/365/

d) Fill in any gaps in expertise or skills, for ex. the assistance of a vCISO

e) Other support items, ie. threat intelligence, remediation, forensics & training

What To Do Next

  • Determine which security responsibilities to keep internally
  • Determine which skills and features are needed/wanted
  • Consider what future requirements may be needed – ensuring that the chosen vendor can meet current and potential future requirements
  • Select the right MSSP
  • Manage your MSSP


With its experience and broad client base, an MSSP is able to provide mature security solutions,  remediation, forensics, training and much more. Many offer tailored solutions, allowing you to customize the solution for your unique environment.

Consider four basic service levels depending on the amount of ownership and management of the solution that best fits your organization. From the fully-managed solution to a co-managed solution, as shown in these illustrations (provided by InfoTech Research Group):

MSSP Service Levels

Images provided by InfoTech Research Group

How Can We Help?

From the vendor selection process to the ongoing vendor relationship, ChoiceTel partners with you to find and deploy the security solution that best fits your organization. Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Understanding the current landscape of MSSPs that are available today and the features they offer.
  • RFP creation and support
  • Calculating the future financial obligations of external security solutions to determine which is the most cost effective for your organization.
  • Using a rigorous, proven process to assist organizations in determining the variables and features used to rank potential MSSPS, thus finding the best fit for your organization
  • Support the relationship between your organization and the MSSP throughout the process ensuring the highest level of satisfaction.

To learn more about ChoiceTel and what we can do for your small, medium or enterprise organization, visit our website at Or to schedule a consultation, call us at (248) 922-1150. 



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