IT Cost Optimization Strategy Series – What happens AFTER the pandemic?

What happens After the pandemic? Prepare your project portfolio for post-pandemic pressure.

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Published August 25, 2020

Throughout this series, we have been discussing your IT Cost Optimization Strategy for Covid-19 with an approach that considers these Four (4) focus areas:

 1) Workforce optimization,

 2) Project Prioritization

 3) Asset Optimization, and

 4) Vendor Management.

Last week turning our attention to the focus area of Project Prioritization, we discussed its necessity and, we provided Project Prioritization Selection Criteria to consider. Once your strategic project priority plan is operational, you can continue with your planning process by preparing your project portfolio for the post-pandemic period.

When organizing your project work, it’s important that you focus on critical-path (or near-critical-path) work that was altered or affected by the pandemic. While at the same time, you may find that in some cases the fastest and most cost-effective route to project completion may involve developing a whole new plan starting where you are, rather than trying to stay on a path that has been altered far too many times.

So, what's next?

  1. Have you met with your business leadership to determine what has changed and what has remained the same?
  2. Finance – what does the budget look like for 2021?
    a.  Do you have a list of non-essential services and products?
          i.  What is the impact of the removal of these items?
    b. Have you identified areas prime for cost savings?
  3. How has your business changed?
    a. Will your customers buy differently?
    b. Will your customers buy with different frequencies?
    c. Will there be personnel role gaps that require re-organization?
  4. Will your physical footprint look different (offices, sites, plants)?
    a. How does that impact IT?
    b. How does this impact your supplier contracts?
  5. What are your revised priorities?

While it may seem impossible to totally plan for post pandemic strategies, there are telling items that can be uncovered along the way that can give you a head start.  The underpinning of success right now is Flexibility.  Be sure that you build in a margin for ease of change in whatever strategies you deploy. 

A word to the wise – be careful to not overreact.  We’re all still human – many may not be thinking as clearly as before.  The lack of accurate data may cause too much speculation.  Listening to your businesses concerns and rephrasing may help with true validation of each scenario and situation.  Document everything – leave nothing to chance.  We do have data to review from past performance and metrics that can be used to predict some things, just not everything.  Seek out industry and peer viewpoints for additional validation of your theories and strategies. 

It’s time to rethink everything – just because it worked before, doesn’t mean it will work for your future demands.  Taking preconceived and very well thought through plans off the table, is a healthy place to start.   Successful reimagining begins when you remove the restraints of the past and look towards the future.   More than ever, businesses are turning to as a service models for the flexibility and elasticity they need during uncertain times.  Consider reviewing your infrastructure for areas that can be pushed into the cloud for not only flexibility, but perhaps even better performance.

We can help you bring new and fresh ideas to your organization.  ChoiceTel consultants and engineers are constantly evaluating business drivers across many different industries and verticals.  We can help bring a fresh perspective, while helping you to keep your eyes on the tangible deliverables.  Reach out to us at (248) 922-1150 or [email protected] to learn more.


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