Keep Vigilant and Be CyberSmart

Keep Vigilant and Be CyberSmart!


the act or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties

As we are in the midst of Cyber Security Awareness month, it’s important to keep your guard up!  COVID has redirected the focus of many of us, not to mention the upcoming election! 

Vigilance is critical, but sometimes we only have so much mindshare to offer up.  Cyber Criminals are counting on our distractions and have been using this tactic to escalate their activities.  Consider upping your game by:

     1) Adding trusted partners to your tool bag

     2) Additional awareness training for users

     3) Specialized conferences with current threat landscape information.

Be sure to create time in your schedule in order to stay on top of the most relevant and current trends that could impact your business so that you’re able to move quickly and nimbly. 

To speak with a consultant today about Cybersecurity for your organization or discuss further your technologies, contact us today at [email protected] or (248) 922-1150.


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