Leveraging CCaaS/UCaaS to Help Define Your Organizations Brand

Leveraging CCaaS/UcaaS to Help Define Your Organizations Brand

One of the many benefits included with transition to a modern CCaaS/UcaaS solution is the ability to easily inspect customer experiences and ensure these interactions align with your organizations brand identityCall coaching or monitoring, helps ensure your agents are creating the types of positive interactions that generate lifelong promoters.  We know these types of promoters are critical for brand advocacy and generating the positive feedback online to go with it.   

Providing meaningful behavior-based feedback on customer interactions is core to this approach.  Most solutions include an imbedded toolset which contains: 

Whisper or Silent Coaching –This tool will allow yourself or the agents supervisor to listen to a call live, un-noticed by the customer and potentially the agent as well.   This is a great way to get a feeling for the interactions that are occurring real time, and then provide relevant post call feedback immediately.

Barge Coaching – Sometimes the best way to display a desired skill or behavior is to model it.  On a tough interaction, or one which requires additional expertise, you are able to jump into an interaction and speak to the client real time, with your agent still on the call.

Call Take Over – At times, we know escalations can happen, being able to move the call to your desk without a transfer can help ensure an expedited resolution.

Monitoring Groups – Agent privacy, and system security is critical when expanding into these feature sets.  Solutions with Monitoring groups include the ability to establish users with the permission to listen in and outline who they can listen to.   times, we know escalations can happen, being able to move the call to your desk without a transfer can help ensure an expedited resolution.

Outside of these core feature sets, many CCaas/UcaaS solutions provide opportunities to expand your toolset to take coaching and development to the next level.  Some of these feature sets include: 

Call Recording Call recording is a fantastic way to review interactions for feedback, and link them to CRM’s or after call surveys to ensure they are always tied to your clientAdditionally, it gives parties responsible for feedback the ability to retrieve interactions for coaching and dispute resolution. 

Speech Analytics – With the right platform, coaching and development has never been more impactfulWith speech analytics you can review calls for key phrases, and sentimentsIs your sales team launching a new promotion and want to ensure it is being soldDo you want to ensure all customers with a negative sentiment are being called backDo you have a phrase or keywords you’d like to see in every interactionSpeech analytics will give you that insight without listening to every call. 

That being said the final component is providing feedback to your agents in a way that sets goals and focuses on behavioral improvements.  There are many different tools that can be brought in to close the feedback loop on coaching and development and create a record of past feedback.   

If you are looking for assistance with optimizing your agent coaching experience, bringing in a CCaaS/UcaaS solution to help power your next generation of customer experience, or need help optimizing your current platform, the experts at ChoiceTel are always here to help.  Let’s connect and discuss how! 


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