Navigating COVID-19 With A Trusted Partner, ChoiceTel

Navigating COVID-19 With A Trusted Partner, ChoiceTel

Organizations, big and small, are operating in the great unknown as the COVID-19 pandemic has descended on the globe. Due to industry and business demands, many of our clients are migrating to a work from home strategy and ChoiceTel has been helping to enable them with technology recommendations and support – from both a telephony and an overall IT perspective. In recent weeks, we have helped companies enable thousands of their users to work remotely during the Coronavirus. 

Having been in the industry for many years we will help pre-vet solutions for you – so you can make an educated decision quicker in order to meet business demands and requests promptly 

In addition to the work from home initiatives, companies are worried about what the current environment will mean for their bottom line and capacity. Sudden changes in operational needs can swing up, or down, and even vary day by day. 

One of the ways we assist our clients is to help navigate their contracts, terms and commitments during this period. With over 25 years in the industry providing IT, telecommunications and telephone system consulting, we have the expertise, knowledge and tools to help evaluate and determine any available cost reductions in your expenses. 

With a holistic view, we are helping our clients navigate these murky and chaotic waters, and we’d love to see if we could help you too. With our expertise in Managed Telecom, Cyber Security, Managed IT, VoIP Communications, Cloud Communications, and Network Infrastructure, ChoiceTel can help your non-profit or for-profit business navigate your IT requirements including Disaster Recovery, Telecommunications, and Phone Systems so you can concentrate on your business.  

To learn more about ChoiceTel and what we can do for your small, medium or enterprise organization, visit our website at Or to schedule a consultation, call us at (248) 922-1150. 


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