Phone An Expert

Phone An Expert

Working in IT can be challenging at times – especially as an IT director or CIO.  You have to multitask through so many areas of IT (at times, disparate areas of technology), create a unified roadmap that blends multiple IT strategies, and keep the lights on for existing infrastructure.  The skill set is incredibly wide and everchanging – especially with the trend towards convergence in the IT world.  Technologies that never used to “touch” now rely on each other for communication and underlying infrastructure.

And at times, CIOs and IT Directors have to work on areas of technology that they may not have as much experience with – maybe it’s the bleeding edge new technology that will redefine the IT environment for a customer or it’s just upgrading the current infrastructure to meet the market and bring the organization into a modern, secure environment.  At times, this can feel overwhelming for an IT leader, and they may wish they were on a game show where they could phone a friend (or in this case an expert).  This is where ChoiceTel fits in.  We keep a staff of world class engineers and technical consultants who understand the network, cyber security, underlying IT infrastructure, and voice environment.  This is what we do, day in and day out.   We’ve helped migrate thousands and thousands of voice endpoints, redesigned 1000’s of network locations across the globe and helped create security roadmaps for large government agencies. 

And we are happy to be your lifeline, your “phone the expert.”  We help recommend, implement, and support solutions with each organization’s unique goals in mind.  Understanding the holistic landscape is our “super” power.  This doesn’t have to be a journey to travel alone.  We can help create the roadmap or execute the roadmap an IT director or CIO outlines.  We fit in where we are needed – in any aspect of the solution or the solution architecting.  

Call us today to learn more about how you can partner with ChoiceTel on your IT initiatives. 


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