Protecting Your Organization with Managed Security Services

Protecting Your Organization with Managed Security Services

Securing Data Remains a Priority.

In January of this year, ChoiceTel provided an analysis of 2016’s cyber environment and delivered a strong recommendation that businesses and organizations make securing their data a priority for 2017. Over this past year, cyber-attacks continued and, in fact, doubled from 2016. This trend was actually predicted by experts such as Tara Seals of Infosecurity Magazine who stated that, “At the end of 2016, various reports predicted cyber-attacks could double in 2017.” Antoher grim statistic comes from a Ponemon Institute Survey which states that “55% of small and mid-sized businesses reported experiencing a cyber-attack within the past 12 months.” These facts and statistics reveal the state of today’s volatile environment which presents real issues for organizations who are looking to avoid the serious and costly damages that can occur in the event they are hacked.

While standard security practices (see 13 Steps Everyone Should Take To Protect Their Business) are still essential for everyone, organizations cannot rely on them to prevent attacks; nor can most organizations afford the cost of in-house security personnel who are trained and ready to manage today’s complex environment or maintain sufficient cybersecurity capabilities. When businesses suffer from a significant attack, such as a ransomware attack, they may find themselves having to choose between replacing their expensive equipment (servers, computers, etc.) or losing their valuable and sensitive data. Not to mention the loss of future business when customers are leary of purchasing a company’s products or services after a serious breach. We said this in 2016, but it bears repeating: “If ever there was a time to bunker down on your information security efforts, it’s now”.

Managed Security Services Provide Major Benefits At A Lower Cost.

Managed Security Services solves many of an organization’s security problems as they can provide 24×7 security services for businesses at a cost that is far less than the costs of in-house security team. With advanced security technologies that are leading edge, a Managed Security Services Partner (MSSP) can handle a variety of threats with services that continue to evolve. Services offered by MSSPs “include: endpoint protection, vulnerability scans, web application vulnerability monitoring, firewall management, logging and monitoring and configuration management, and more.

For a more effective approach to protecting your organization at a lower cost than alternatives such as in-house security personnel, investing in a MSSP with a predictable ongoing cost makes a lot of sense. This gives an organization the ability to focus on their business, customers, employees, and bottom line, not on the insecurities of your data and technologies.

Our Managed Security Services empower organizations to protect their valuable data, technologies, and business so they can focus on what matters most.

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