Shifting IT Workloads Whereabouts

Shifting IT Workloads Whereabouts

Modern IT organizations in companies of all sizes can now virtualize and relocate their application workloads and data outside of their own facilities, and even outside of leased colocation Data Centers.  The modern public cloud environment offers unprecedented on-demand scalability and a broad array of options for many variables.  Top strategies for a new, greenfield deployment with an upstart company today would likely differ greatly from the approach of even 5 years ago.  This market has matured rapidly, hastened by intense competition between top providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Dell, IBM, Cisco, and HPE. 

Current converged infrastructure offerings benefit from radical improvements that have taken place in processors, memory, and storage, as well as advances in software-defined technologies that re-define how businesses are equipped to handle resources and workloads. While widely varying environments cause some challenges to strictly quantify savings, optimizing the infrastructure within today’s mature “as a service” landscape can result in higher availability and performance of applications generally. Cost savings and simplification are well within the reach when prioritized in the plan.

"ChoiceTel has the expertise and partnerships to help lean IT organizations convert to an optimized cloud environment with proven strategies."

With established IT organizations always in the midst of the technology transitions which they foster, developing a strategy for optimizing locations and providers for their application workloads can be a daunting task to prioritize and implement.  Daily support needs and previously defined IT priorities are hard to delay – but what happens when the time to shift is now?  ChoiceTel has the expertise and the partnerships to help lean IT organizations convert to an optimized cloud environment with proven strategies that make the most sense to reach their primary business objectives.  

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