So You’re Considering Making The Move…

So You're Considering
Making The Move...

So you’re considering making the move, and you know that your competition may already be ahead of you; but did you know that as of July 2020, “67% of organizations are moving significant portions of their unified communications solutions to the cloud?”1

But it’s not just any cloud phone system that you need. You need a cloud system and provider that gives you:

  • Speed and agility to drive more business
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Predictable costs
  • And, isn’t complicated

Here are 5 mission critical reasons that you should be doing something:

1. Speed and agility matter.

Being a leader means many things, but often times, it’s characterized by agility and speed. Your customers and customers worldwide are buying at faster rates – expecting an on-demand look and feel during the purchasing journey. Often, they are making a purchase decision before you’re even engaged with or responded to them. Don’t let an unanswered call, the fact that a sales rep is out of the office, or a whole slew of other reasons cause you to lose a sale. Bottom line – speed and agility drive business.

2. Your competitors are adopting change and growing.

From faster decision making to fewer blocked calls, the cloud gives you the power to succeed. What if you could determine who is immediately available, in the office, or on the road? Furthermore, what if you could connect that person to the customer seamlessly? Insights into call hold times and calls that couldn’t get through keep you informed and ahead. Think about it. How are you going to run a business if your customers can’t reach you because your phones are down?

3. It’s really not that complicated – conversely, it can be complicated.

Do you remember moving to Office 365 or hosted email? Probably not, because it shouldn’t be difficult. Moving your phone system to the cloud doesn’t have to be overly complex. Ensuring you have all of your details, and all of your feature requirements documented and verified with your new provider will allow you to make a transition without too many variables. Move now. You won’t look back or regret a minute of it.

4. Maintain your leadership position.

Having leading edge technology in your environment through the cloud will quickly enable you to respond to your customers changing needs without major equipment and software expenses historically involved in communication systems. The cloud will allow you to move quickly and stay ahead of your competition.

5. Drive growth through advanced capabilities.

Having access to technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bots, Advanced Call Routing, and access to your technology anywhere and on any medium will allow you to take advantage of these advanced capabilities without complexity and expensive upfront costs.

Shouldn’t you explore through us, as a trusted partner, how to transform your business? Give us a call today and learn why moving your phone system to the cloud is the right choice for your business. Call (248) 922-1150 to speak with one of our consultants. Or, you can also contact us at [email protected]


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