Telecom Project Overview – City of Flint

Telecom Project Overview - City of Flint

Pictured (from left): Tom Czarnecki (Solutions Engineer – ChoiceTel), Diane Smith (President – ChoiceTel), and Cathy Young (I.T. Specialist – City of Flint)

Telecom Project - Flint Sprint

Key Accomplishments

  • Completed a telecom audit and site survey to access our needs
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) will be completed and includes current and future needs of our telecom system
  • Determined traditional phone system will be moving to cloud-based platform

Project Impact

  • Have a new phone system in place within one year
  • The new phone sysetm will allow us to more efficiently serve any residents calling into our improved call center
  • The new phone system will get us E911 compliant, ahead of the deadlines
  • The new phone system will have the ability to expand, and be capable of handling the requirements of the future NextGenE911 laws

Lessons Learned & Memories

  • Feel fortunate to be matched with ChoiceTel – ChoiceTel took a huge interest in our needs and were very hands-on with this project — we greatly appreciated their effort and help with this project.
  • Happy we were successful in getting this much-needed project done
  • Enjoyed being able to visit all of our off-site locations

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