The Great Telecom Shift – The shifting of The Classic Telecommunication Providers

The Great Telecom Shift - The Shifting of The Classic Telecommunications Providers

The great divide between legacy carriers and NexGen service providers is growing exponentially. Typical carriers such as ATT, Lumen and Verizon are attempting to transform their organizations from classic telecom carrier offerings to “as a service” and become more of an overall managed service organization. From Cybersecurity and NexGen managed service offerings to mobility and IoT, these service providers are attempting to redefine their image and value propositions. Will it work?

Nimble competitors have cropped up everywhere, and in every category and are storming the gates of these traditional providers. In comparison, the sheer size of these mega telecom companies remains something to be reckoned with. While, the smaller organizations are typically more niche players, they have quickly proven themselves to be true competitors, even winning the affection of some very large global enterprises. Can these small, more nimble companies compete in the technology marathon?

The race is truly on and those that have come to the starting line early, will definitely have an advantage. I believe the trend for continued mergers and acquisitions will greatly increase as the niche players find like-minded organizations that can round out and fill out their offerings in order to compete with the traditional mega telecom companies. The sooner they do this, the better for them, because the mega telecom companies will succeed. Their large internal operations will build up enough momentum and they will skyrocket forward. The niche players will need to have enough of a head start to maintain their momentum, as the mega telecom players build up enough inertia to potentially win the race.

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