What’s your SD-Vision?

What's your SD-Vision?

Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (“SD-WAN”) are morphing to become a key enabler to many companies’ Digital future strategy.  In 2020, SD-WAN has moved squarely into the technology mainstream, with planning initiatives underway within IT Teams across a wide array of industries.  Connectivity has always been pivotal, but never before have there been such a variety of flexible options.  With so many choices, the question quickly arises – what’s your SD-Vision?

  • Are you aiming to eliminate costly MPLS and/or private line circuits supporting a current WAN?
  • What applications drive your business, and how can you balance and monitor their performance with the right platform and provider during every step of a phased migration?
  • How does today’s Cyber Threat surface change and alter your exposure depending on the options you select for interconnecting your sites?
  • Are you struggling with bandwidth constraints creating a need for better content filtering?
  • Do you have emerging needs spanning multiple clouds and Hyper Converged Infrastructure providers?

More than ever, the myriad of factors to consider, plus competing (often proprietary) technologies underpinning SD-WAN options create an environment in which in-depth, structured comparison is required.  Having a vendor-agnostic partner with proven multi-vendor experience who will look out for your priorities throughout your evaluation can streamline the process.  Reach out to your ChoiceTel team today for help with your initial requirements assessment.  We will strive for synergy with your team to reduce and simplify your vision, bringing the identified goals within focus and within reach!

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