You’ve Implemented UCaaS/CCaaS — Now what?

You’ve Implemented
UCaaS/CCaaS –
Now what?

If you’re like one of the thousands of other companies that have made the switch to UCaaS/cloud phone systems, you may be thinking – what nowOne of the workshops that ChoiceTel offers is a post implementation UCaaS/CCaaS workshop. Companies may struggle with maintaining their cloud phone system moving forward without certain policies, procedures, and administration in place.

ChoiceTel offers a workshop that breaks down key components within your phone system environment, highlighting things that your organization may want to take advantage of or follow. It isn’t enough to just simply implement a cloud phone system; organizations risk shadow IT/IT creep in the cloud.

What happens if you have too many admins, and they are all adding services – but not removing them after they are no longer needed?

What about audits to ensure that users are removed from the system if they leave the company?

Who’s managing the schedules for auto attendants at each locationHow do we ensure that schedules are updated for holidays or emergency or weather-related closings?

If you’re like many organizations who moved to UCaaS, this may not be top of mind for you now, but unless this becomes something that has documented processes around with a focus on change management, costs can sky rocket fairly quickly in the cloud phone system world.

Each of these components is a view into the system and how the component parts interrelate to each other.   By having standardized naming conventions, you create cleaner data which in turns helps to find operational efficiencies in your organization through either new technology available in the cloud or by allowing end users to be more effective in customer interactions.

ChoiceTel hosts Post Implementation Workshops on a variety of Cloud providers.  Contact us today to learn more!  [email protected] or (248) 922-1150


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