Do You Have Continuity in Your Modernization Lifecycle?


Written by

Todd Schuelke, Senior Consulting Engineer

Contributed by

Diane Smith, President & CEO

Aaron Smith, Sr. Consultant & VP Operations

Published November 10, 2021


From the push into morphing and relocating virtualized and containerized application workloads, to the SD-WAN and remote edge SASE connectivity required to support them, to the evolving communication-collaboration tools, and every (cyber) secure step in between, interoperability is the key.

Interoperability should be the driving force not an afterthought…

IT Modernization efforts are in full swing to create greater agility and productivity, all while shifting away from significant capital expenditures.  Enterprise’s desire and expect a best of breed supplier for each element in their environment.  Working to achieve this provides a massive undertaking in terms of expert analysis and review of solution providers.  When you factor that in, along with managing the integration of those provider solutions to reach a synergistic result, the level of effort can often be multiplied due to the complexity.  Once a steady state is achieved, it takes further analysis to understand how well the interoperability has been optimized.

Integration Management through each stage is our formula for success – our “killer app.”

Are you lacking the expert Engineers and Architects who have time available to dive into these projects? Enter ChoiceTel…  From evaluating, planning, designing, piloting, implementing, to analyzing for optimization post-implementation, our team will provide and support continuity throughout the lifecycle of your technologies.  Integration Management through each stage is our formula for success – our “killer app.”  We have the experience and the aptitude to help your organization reach your target state! To speak with a consultant, call 800.815.3320 OR email [email protected].

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