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Serving business globally for decades, ChoiceTel has become one of the most trusted partners for all your business technology needs and beyond. Our team of integration specialists can tackle any project, large or small. Whether your business is getting started with a new location requiring network equipment, phone systems, IT services, or you simply need an analysis of your current setup, we’re here to help.

Customer First

Our customers are our most valuable asset. As one of the top technology advisory firms, our goal is to ensure that our entire organization is focused on urgency and immediacy of your unique needs.

Advisory Services

At the heart of our abilities is to provide your business with the necessary resources to manage any and all aspects of your technology needs. Combined with our extensive technical knowledge and management, we bring it all together under one package.

Decades Experience

From analog to digital to the cloud, we’ve seen it all over our decades of service. Let our seasoned experts help you make the right choice when it comes to your unique technology and IT infrastructure needs.

A Holistic Technology 
Life Cycle Approach

With the on-going convergence of technology, we start by creating a baseline of your current IT environment and understanding your business goals.  This is imperative for developing a holistic strategy for your IT initiatives, ensuring true business value is acheived.  We believe good decisions are made by following our holistic life cycle approach to technology.

Access & Analyze

Understand the current technology landscape.

Gap Analysis

Identify areas for updates and improvements.

Target Vision

Focus vision around business objectives,

Define & Design

Understand the current technology landscape.


Expert guidance through implementation, ensuring success


Escalation and vendor management to ensure long term value


The New


Considering or already beginning to transform your business? Learn what it takes to achieve a successful transformation.

Let's Get to Work Together

We have the experience, knowledge, and flexibility to help you with your implementation and overall business transformation.

Matt G.

The team has been relentless in this project's pursuit.  They stay involved with our vendor team, worked with individual offices, partnered with our AP department, and more.  I could fill an entire page, honestly. It's been a huge comfort to me and my team here.