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We believe education is paramount in understanding technology's impact on your environment - not just now, but in the next decade.

An innovative approach to consulting

Workshops are our highest-rated member experience. Over the course of a workshop, our expert facilitators help you complete a key initiative, work through critical project deliverables, and train your team. We use a learning-based approach to implement methodologies tailored to your unique situation.

What Types of Workshops Do We Offer?

Whether you’re looking to accelerate project timelines, implement or improve a core IT process, increase the skillset of your team, or get third-party validation on a key project, we offers four different types of workshop experiences – each geared to helping you achieve a specific goal.

Strategic Workshops

Strategic workshops help you build consensus on how IT will support business capabilities in the future.

Training Workshops

Training workshops help you train your team on specific skillsets providing them with the "how to" not just the "what to."

Process Workshops

Process workshops help you design and map out a draft version of a broken, incomplete, or non-existent process.

Technology Workshops

Technology workshops help you build a strategy for a specific technology your organization is looking to leverage.

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We partner with our clients to help them improve their IT operations, develop IT leadership skills, and learn how to optimize core IT processes to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Learn how we can help you tailor the right programs & solutions for your needs.