Accelerate your transformation

A technology refresh brings value to the future of your business. Start with an audit of your current business technology.

Defining the possible 

Ever-changing technology trends in enterprise computing are testing the limits of yesterday’s networks – and many that were “good enough” for yesterday and are no longer “good enough” for tomorrow. We have vast experience in deploying next-gen enterprise networks that support today’s enterprise computing trends and offer investment protection with innovations that will accommodate business and end-user needs for years to come.

The ChoiceTel Advantage

Our professionals can help you design the future you want—and our expertise and knowledge help you get there. Empower your business with the full breadth and depth of our technology and consulting services, each customizable to help your business design, build, and scale next-gen technology solutions needed in today's ever-changing world.

Next-gen Technologies

Innovative technologies engineered for your business reality today and your vision for tomorrow.

Modern Networking Strategies

Align technology consumption and business strategy with flexible, scalable, networking environments.


We design and guide implementations in enterprise security solutions that align with your business priorities.

Our Approach

ChoiceTel is an agnostic, client-first organization focused on delivering engineering, operational, strategic, and tactical support to organizations as they shift their technology to handle more modern workloads and business requirements. 

With the ongoing convergence of technology, we start by creating a baseline of your current IT environment and understanding your business goals.  This is imperative for developing a holistic strategy for your IT initiatives, ensuring true business value is achieved.  We believe good decisions are made by following our holistic life cycle approach to technology. 

Access & Analyze

Understand the current technology landscape

Gap Analysis

Identify areas for improvement

Target Vision

Focus business around business objectives

Define & Design

Document strategy and solution

Vendor Review

Actively engage and selection process


White glove assistance during implementation


Ongoing support - even after implementation


The New


Considering or already beginning to transform your business? Learn what it takes to achieve a successful transformation.

Let's Get to Work Together

We have the experience, knowledge, and flexibility to help you with your implementation and overall business transformation.

Diane S.

With our technology refresh and audit services, we've consistently saved clients millions of dollars over the life of their contracts, helped secure their environments against bad actors, and provided new tools and feature sets in financially responsible ways.