UCaaS Migration – Feature Adoption Focus

UCaaS Migration - Feature Adoption Focus

Calls are finally routing through your newly hosted UCaaS solution, the project to move voice to the cloud is coming to an end, right?  For many organizations this is where the work to gain employee alignment truly begins.  While this move is absolutely the right choice for many originations, leveraging all the tools that come with these solutions can be a challenge.  The key to overcoming this is creating a strong adoption plan.

The journey to adoption can start by filling holes in your existing technology portfolio, but where should you go from there? Generally, focusing on your organizational objectives and balancing employee requests can help lead your organization in the correct direction.

As a general reminder, most hosted / private UCaaS solutions have a mix of the following functionality (names may vary between platforms):

  • CALL COACHING – The ability to remote monitor live calls through various features:
    Whisper coaching – Live call review with the ability to just speak to your
       employee without the other party hearing.
    Barge coaching – Live call review where you can interact with both your employee
       and the end customer.

  • COLLABORATION – The ability to chat within the UCaaS platform in a one-on-one, group, or SMS setting (often including task management, and file sharing).





  • AND Many More!

Based on these extensive portfolios, you have many options to consider.  One area you may be able to gain quick traction on is services currently in use by your company but through an alternate vendor.  Ultimately, you are able to consolidate cost and bring services under the same umbrella. 

When considering an adoption plan, the following are key considerations:

  • Creating organizational visibility on the feature set you are looking to promote
  • Providing training and collateral on the service itself, UCaaS vendors generally have video libraries and email collateral. Additionally, ChoiceTel is happy to partner together to deliver this type of session.
  • Tracking Adoption / Usage Metrics – most providers have tools to help your administrators determine the usage rates of their individual services. 


If you have completed a UCaaS migration and need assistance with adoption and management, or are just starting this journey, trust the experts at ChoiceTel to help!  We are able to set up a UCaaS review to tailor a plan to meet your organization’s needs. To speak with one of our consultants, call 800.815.3320 or email [email protected]


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