Customer had recently signed a new AT&T contract approximately 6 months prior.  However, the new rates had not been applied correctly, and there were other billing issues that the customer had tried solve on their own – but they weren’t able to come to a resolution after months.


After review of the customer’s contracts and invoices, ChoiceTel discovered the new agreement had not been fully executed by AT&T.  The team took the customer’s network out to bid via an RFP and saved the customer an additional 40% over and above the recently renegotiated agreement on AT&T – while keeping AT&T as the provider.  ChoiceTel monitored the invoices and agreement process to ensure compliance with the new rate structure and negotiated credits on behalf of the customer.

Value Proposition:

The ChoiceTel team saved the company over $1,500,000 for the term in the contracted rates, along with the credits from the previous incorrect rates. The customer was able to stay with their current provider without making any physical changes to their infrastructure – but they were still able to save over $1,500,000.

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