ChoiceTel Develops Unique IT Program for Michigan Dentists


Written By:

Aaron Smith,

Sr Consultant & VP Operations

Published December 15, 2021

ChoiceTel, an IT and Telecom consulting and procurement firm, announces Complete Dental IT, a comprehensive solution for the Michigan Dental Association (MDA) designed to decrease the technology burden of running a dental practice while improving dental practice IT infrastructure.

MDA-endorsed Complete Dental IT is a program that provides members IT selection, integration, and management needs. This unique program brings together expertise from two MDA-endorsed companies, ChoiceTel and iCoreConnect. Concurrently, at the suggestion of MDA Services, the two firms worked together to create the Complete Dental IT program. Complete Dental IT is unique in that it is customized IT just for dentistry. This means better security, fewer fails and predictable costs to keep any dental practice’s IT budget predictable.

ChoiceTel, a telecommunications consulting and procurement company, has assisted Michigan Dental Association with its purchase and management of a VOIP telephone system.  It has the expertise to assist dentists with a broad range of telecommunications and telephony purchases and implementations.

iCoreConnect brings its expertise in Managed Services and cloud-based backup services, and ChoiceTel brings telecommunications consulting and procurement expertise to the partnership.

Complete Dental IT is a comprehensive solution for MDA members’ IT selection, integration, and management needs. “With Complete Dental IT, dentists can focus on their area of expertise: ensuring the oral health of their patients. They can relieve themselves of the burden of managing, updating, backing up and maintaining their information technology systems,” explains Robert McDermott, iCoreConnect President and CEO. ChoiceTel CEO and President Diane Smith adds, “With one phone call, dentists can get help with everything from telephones to firewalls, to redundant internet, and gain the security of knowing their IT systems are being properly patched and their hardware updated. Basic consulting services are free to MDA member dentists, and ChoiceTel and iCoreConnect are providing them with discounted prices.”

Director of MDA Services & Marketing Cindy Hoogasian further elaborates, “With Complete Dental IT, MDA members can free themselves from the stress and worry about maintaining their technology and get the help they need when they’re considering upgrading anything from their business phones, to their internet speed, or protecting themselves from ransomware or HIPAA Hi-Tech vulnerability. This is the solution members need and want, with the convenience of one call or web visit to Complete Dental IT.”

About ChoiceTel

Since 1994, ChoiceTel has been helping clients select, manage and ensure their telecommunications/IT products and services are clearly meeting their needs. We recommend and support solutions tailored to your requirements, not the other way around. Our expertise lies in the ability to holistically view our clients’ technology environments, allowing them to realize the benefits of all technologies applicable to their specific needs and business goals.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across a variety of vertical markets to deliver voice, data, mobility, cybersecurity, cloud-based, disaster recovery and infrastructure solutions. In addition to these advanced solutions, we offer wireline and wireless management and project-based consulting services.

About iCoreConnect

iCoreConnect is a cloud-based software and technology company focused on increasing profit and operational speed in high-compliance industries. iCoreConnect is most notably known for its innovation in solving healthcare business problems. The company’s philosophy places a high value on customer feedback, allowing iCoreConnect to respond to the market’s needs. iCoreConnect touts a platform of 15 SaaS enterprise solutions and more than 70 agreements with state or regional healthcare associations across the U.S. iCoreConnect is a member of the prestigious StartUp Health accelerator.

About the Michigan Dental Association

The Michigan Dental Association (MDA) has represented dentistry since its founding in 1856. The MDA consists of more than 5,900 dentists and is dedicated to ensuring that Michigan residents receive the highest quality oral health care.  The MDA will advance this goal through advocacy for the dental profession and dental patients with the state government, and through statewide initiatives that expand access and promote oral health literacy.

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