The power of AI is giving shape to a new age. Right before our eyes, it is transforming economies, industries, and how we work. Hardly a day goes by without some new business-busting development related to generative AI surfacing in the media.

Below are nine actions all technology leaders can take to create value, coordinate technology, scale solutions, and manage risk for generative AI:

  • Move quickly to determine the company’s posture for adopting generative AI and develop practical policies and communications for your company.
  • Reimagine the business and identify possible use cases that build value through improved productivity, growth, and new business models.
  • Reimagine the technology function and focus on quickly building generative AI capabilities in software development and operations, reducing manual efforts across your company.
  • Take advantage of existing services or adapt open-source generative AI models to develop proprietary capabilities.
  • Consider upgrading your enterprise technology architecture to integrate and manage generative AI models and orchestrate how they operate with each other.
  • Develop a data architecture to enable access to quality data by processing both structured and unstructured data sources.
  • Create a centralized, cross-functional, generative AI platform team to provide approved models to product and application teams on demand.
  • Invest in upskilling key roles—software developers, data engineers, engineers, and security experts—as well as the broader workforce.
  • Evaluate the new risk landscape and establish ongoing mitigation practices to address models, data, and policies.

It’s also worth remembering we’ve seen this movie before. New technologies emerged—the internet, mobile, social media—that set off a melee of experiments and pilots, though significant business value often proved more challenging. Many of the lessons learned from those developments still apply, especially when getting past the pilot stage to reach scale. For many, the generative AI boom presents a unique opportunity to apply those lessons to guide your company in turning the promise of generative AI into sustainable value for the business.

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