As-a-Service technologies come in many facets and cover most infrastructure and applications.  A lot of control can now be given to other management to administer call flow, network topology, access to systems, etc.  In between the *aaS providers and customers are the IT personnel and your vendor.  There needs to be an understanding of the underlying technology within the organization and an understanding of the underlying tech within the organization.  The Vendors you choose are just as important as the Organizations IT personnel.  Proving proper knowledge and training is key to a successful use and implementation of *aaS technologies.  We work with your organization at many levels.  From working with users on correcting issues or training, to designing with the IT engineers and executives.

Cloud offerings provide the ability for IT to offload some lower-level tickets to end user for management.  Access to the website/console is internet based and administrator roles can be used and set per level of user.   I.e.  CC supervisor needs a call flow change.  The supervisor can easily adjust the call flow themselves.  Allowing IT time to focus on projects and future growth of the company pertaining to production systems.

As more and more technology providers migrate to subscription models (As a Service – aaS), a lot of day-to-day management and control can be administered by third party providers – call flow, network topology, access to systems, security, and more.  These “as a Service” offerings have expanded in recent years to cover most IT infrastructure and software applications.  Often times, these “as a service” products and solutions interact with existing on-premise equipment or they may be managed by a third-party vendor for support and issue resolution.

In between the “As A Service” providers and the end user customers, are the IT personnel inside of the customer’s organization and their vendors.  There needs to be a documented understanding of the as a service technology, the support procedures, and the interdependency of other applications that may interact with the “as a service” technology.  The vendors and support you chose for support are just as important as the underlying technology and the internal personnel within an organization.  Providing proper knowledge, issue resolution, and training is a primary key to successfully implementing, adopting, and maintaining “as a service” solutions.  At ChoiceTel, we work with organizations of all sizes to ensure issue resolution, training, technology architecture design, and documentation for clients who utilize “as a service” offerings.

Cloud offerings generally provide a rudimentary level of support, but often times, they still require a specific skill set in the technology to optimize the support process from “as a service” providers.  Many of these solutions offer administration portals for self-service.  These can be used by the business organization or by third party vendors to provide a more timely change when needed.  SLA’s for cloud providers are often significantly longer than on-premise solutions or internal SLAs for organizations.   Properly leveraging a third-party vendor to help provide support or train SMEs internally in the technology can significantly improve end user experience and overall adoption.

ChoiceTel has years of experience providing white glove services to clients on both on premise solutions as well as overlaying support on “as a service” offerings.

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